August 1, 2016

The Fishing and Rifle merit badges have been chosen by our scouts to be on the calendar in August. We will also begin planning for the coming new year by choosing the topics for future meetings and other activities. We have 2 camp outs this month. First we will work on the sailing merit badge at BSA's Roy Manchester camp then we will attend the 70th annual Flaget Trail. We wrap up our month with our 47th annual anniversary Court of Honor.

Weekly Email 8/29/2016

Kroger Fundraising Proceedures

- Go to www.Kroger.com - Click the blue Sign In tab at top of the page. - Enter your email address and password and click the blue Sign In tab. - From the department menu, click Community, then Community Rewards - From Community Rewards, click on the Edit or Re-enroll button. - Then, a.  Find Organization    (Search by keyword or nonprofit organization number - NPO # - just search on Boy Scout Troop 243) b.  Select Organization (Click the button to the left of the organization) c.  Save your Selection (Click the Save button to save your selection.) - Call 1-800-KROGERS, Option #3, with questions.  NOTE: This does not affect your own points towards fuel discounts.

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Troop 243 Medication List Form

BSA Medical Forms Part A, B and C 680-001 2014 Printing

Important Information
9/7/2016 Patrol Open House Preparation
9/11/2016 4-6PM Troop Leadership Training
9/14/16 Troop 243 Open House
9/16, 17 & 18/ 2016 Open House Camp Out
9/21/16 Annual Iron Chef Cook-off Troop Meeting
10/21 and 10/22 Adult Intro to Outdoor Leadership At CCC
10/22 Job Specific Scoutmaster Training @ Swope Cntr
10/22 and 10/23 Adult Wilderness First Aid Training at CCC
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