April 2017

In April we continue looking at Robotics. This will include a trip to ST. X on April 12th. Kenneth Botner celebrates his Eagle Court of Honor on April 23rd at 4:00 at the Knights of Columbus on Progress Blvd. We wrap up this April like we wrap up every April, with our flower sale!

Weekly Email 4/24/17

Troop 243 Fact Sheet

Troop 243 Medication List Form

BSA Medical Forms Part A, B and C 680-001 2014 Printing

Important Information
4/28/17 Pull Flower Sale Orders and Sell Flowers
4/29/17 8AM - 7PM Flower Sale and Tear Down
5/3/17 @ 7:00 Swim Tests @ St. X
5/12&13/17 Zip Line Camp Out
5/20/17 Order of the Arrow Ordeal Weekend @ Tunnel Mill
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