Troop Meeting At St. X Robotics

March 2017

March starts off with no weekly meeting because of Ash Wednesday. Flower sales started of well and continues so get those orders in early and often! The following week we have an investiture program for our newly elected scout leaders. The Hike, Bike, Climb and Shoot camp out comes up mid month and should be a lot of fun. We wrap up March by jumping into robotics including a visit to St. X for a sampling of the robotics program there. The usual adult leadership meetings will take place the final Monday of March.

Weekly Email 3/13/17

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Important Information
3/27/17 7:00P-9:00 Troop ASM and Committee Meetings
3/29/17 Troop Meeting is at St. X about Robotics
4/12/17 Troop Meeting is at St. X About Robotics
4/19/17 Final Day to Submit Flower Sales
4/22/17 Patrol Outing Weekend
4/23/17 @4:00 Kenneth Botner Eagle CoH @ K of C on Progress Blvd
4/26/17 6:30-8:30 Flower Sale Set up
4/28/17 Pull Flower Sale Orders and Sell Flowers
4/29/17 8AM - 7PM Flower Sale and Tear Down
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